Crash testing doors and windows – Basics

You may think that door and window security systems would take a lot of wiring, programming, and connection to a monitoring center in some distant city. Not so fast. There are more direct means, simple gadgets that will alert you if your home is being the article

A magnetic door alarm is mounted by putting the alarm on the door or door frame, and a magnetic counter piece on across the door joint. When the two pieces separate as the door is open the alarm goes off. Throw a tiny switch on the side and the alarm can be turned between the on and off position. This simple device is perfect for the inside of the garage-to-house entryway.

This device typically comes in an off-white color or black. With this product the batteries are often included. Manufacturers of this product want to make sure you can set this item up immediately. The device is marketed with the notion that people have an immediate need for increased security.Do you want to learn more? Visit brandname.

Easy to follow instructions:

1. Take the two parts out of the package.

2. Check the alarm batteries by flipping the switch to on. Turn it off for installation.

3. Generally all there is to do is take the cover paper off the self sticking adhesive on the back of the door alarm parts and apply them to each side of the door joint.

4. Once the parts are installed on the door and door frame, flip the switch to “on” position. The alarm should stay silent if the opposing parts are installed with correct alignment.

3. Test that the device is working as the door is opened, making the alarm screech.

The level of DIY difficulty for installing the magnetic door alarm is literally one star out of five. However your home will feel more secure immediately. Also consider installing glass breakage alarms on windows that are easily accessible from the street level.

The glass breakage alarm is even easier to install. This alarm is only one piece.

1. Flip the switch on the device and the siren will sound off, confirming your preinstalled batteries are working.

2. Take the adhesive backing off and stick the alarm to the window.

When some one touches or breaks the glass the vibration will set off the alarm. The alarm continues to sound for 30 seconds and then is reset. This alarm can be attached to a computer as an alarm, allowing you to leave your location for short periods. Just switch the alarm on before you leave. If someone picks up your laptop, the alarm sounds.

Increasing your home security on your own will give you confidence to do a lot for yourself. Your children will be impressed and your friends will want your advice about home security. You may even get up the courage to redo your kitchen or bath.

Do-It-Yourself Home Security Products help you keep your family safe and happy. You cannot rely on the police to stop all crime.